Notice of Violations instruction sheet

Attachment 3

Notice of Violations instruction sheet

You are subject to the penalties described below unless you
correct and certify that the correction of violations by the
dates indicated on the Notice of Violation.

I. Penalties

Class A Violations (non-hazardous) $10 - $50 each

Class B Violations (hazardous)     $25 - $100, plus $10 per
                                   violation per day

Class C Violations (immediately hazardous)

o    Heat and hot water violations: $250 per violation per day

o    Illegal Device on a Central Heating System: $25 per day or
     $1,000, whichever is more

o    All other Class C violations for buildings with 5 or fewer
     units: $50 per violation per day

o    All other Class C violations for buildings with more than 5
     units: $50 - $150 per violation, plus $125 per violation per

II. How to Certify

1.   Circle the Item Number of each violation corrected.

2.   Write the date it was corrected in the "Date" column to the
     right of the item number you have circled.

3.   Sign you initials in the "Init" column to the right of the

4.   Be sure that the dates, initials, and the circles around the
     Item Number(s) show on all copies of the notice.

5.   Complete the Certification Form on the back of the blue copy
     (Copy 1)

6.   Sign the Certification Form and have your signature

7.   Remove the Pink copy (Copy 4) for your records

8.   Return all other copies (Copies 1, 2 and 3) to the Office of
     the Division of Code Enforcement in the borough in which the
     building is located by registered or certified mail, return
     receipt requested, or in person. All copies must be hand
     delivered or postmarked on or before the date by which the
     correction of the violation(s) must be certified. See
     addresses on front of form.

9.   Violations will not be removed if certifications are filed

10.  If you have violations of record for which the time period
     to certify correction has expired, you may file for a
     Dismissal Request inspection in the Borough Office and pay
     the required fee. Information can be obtained from your
     Borough Office.

Code provides a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to a
year, or both, for willfully submitting a false statement.
Criminal penalties are also provided under the Penal Law for such
false statements. In addition, if you are found to have certified
falsely, the law provides for a civil penalty of up to $250 for
each violation which you have falsely certified. This penalty may
be imposed by the court in addition to criminal penalties.

III.  Information and Assistance

1.   If you request, the Department will confer with you
     concerning the nature and extent of the work required for
     compliance with the law, and methods of financing the
     required work. This information can be obtained from any of
     the Code Enforcement Borough Offices listed on the face of
     this notice.

2.   You may request that the Department extend the date to
     correct the violation if there are valid reasons why you
     cannot complete the work within the time frame. These
     requests may be sent to the Postponement Unit, Division of
     Code Enforcement, 150 William Street, 4th Floor, Room 4104,
     New York, NY 10038. Such requests must be received before
     the required correction date and include the building
     address, a photocopy of the Notice of Violations(s) and the
     reason for making such request for postponement.